8 Sep 2010

Coming up in the week!

So another week has come and past! So many things still left undone and many projects to come. This is the last week before I return to my studies. I do plan on a lot of traveling in the next year so hopefully I can fill my time finishing things off.

List for this week:
  • WIP: Crocheted Bag -- yeah I will work on it this week for sure
  • Fuzzy Amigurumi -- been working on a special idea
  • Some more dyeing and spinning
  • My food stuffs -- Stuffed peppers
  • WIP: Skeleton -- Now that I have my yarn wound properly it will be better going
  • Limoncello -- Officially done next Wednesday
  • Review of Let's Knit! Magazine -- Official subscription
  • WIP: Yarn Organizer -- 2 down, 10-15 more to go!
  • WIP: Hook & Accessory Organizer -- Eventually
  • WIP: Spinning Organizer -- Eventually
  • WIP: Owl -- Poor thing has no embellishments yet
  • WIP: Pumpkin Patch for Crochet-along! -- All I can say is this will be fuzzy family time...
  • Website update -- Yup I also maintain a website.
  • Scrap Ugly's Hair -- You are going to laugh.
  • And maybe much more! Never know where the week will take me!

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