26 Dec 2012

Boxing Day fun

So I have recorded a new podcast that should be up in about an hour. Today is Boxing day in the UK and I just wanted to do some updating!

Let's start with spinning... Mr. Native Farmer (if you would like to know why I call him this it is at the bottom of this post) is getting hand-spun socks! I have spun the whole sampler of the Shetland from Wool Gatherings. Then I am going to ply it with the Artesano Alpaca.

Next up is the loop batt... Gilly Flower

This is the outer color since I did as a centre pull roving...

This is me this morning!

Do you see the kitty? Poor thing out in the rain!

Christmas dinner:

Simba after unwrapping his gift of a catnip Duckie from KONG. he LOVES them!

He is called Mr. Native Farmer because he is a Farm hand in WV near where I used to live. He was born and raised there so he is native.

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