2 Feb 2012

Let's Be Honest about my Fibre Stash

Oh yes, I did it. I documented ALL my fibre.

Let's cringe and put down the numbers:
I have 66 individual things of fibre.
That is not all 2oz things (normally its more lol)
So in weight it is 3,972g (3.972kg), 140.11oz, or 8.76lbs.

That looks bad, doesn't it?  I am still doing my stash down, with my yarn and fiber so let us look at those numbers for January.

For fibre,  I have done  481.92 yards plied (1320.51yds singles),  that was 685g, 24.16oz, or 1.51lb.  So my stash is not quite as big as it looks.

For knitting and crochet,  I have done 748yds. That is about to have a big jump in numbers for this month. So I am working along steadily. It still says I have to do 517.56yds a week (yeah not going to happen but thats ok).

So everything is still mostly on track and now I have some good news I will divulge on the podcast on sunday!!

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