13 Feb 2012

Episode 33: Trying new things

Show Notes
Investment for the Future
Highland Handmades Red Oak Roving -- Babydoll Southdown “Dark Oatmeal” 
Beagin -- Sapphire Set
String Theory
Babushka doll from Mollie Makes
Greenwood Fiberworks Bountiful -- 28.50 yds
Camel/Colorimetry -- 50.70 yds
Fibernymph Dye Works SF Merino Hijinx -- 128.25 yds
North Star Alpacas Cascina RoseGray Alpaca & Merino Blend -- 42.38 yds
Highland Handmade White Spruce Top “Peacock” main -- 49.44 yds
Highland Handmade White Spruce Top “Peacock” mini -- 7.79 yds
Caliope’s Fibre Bollywood 1 “Yellow” -- 3.66 yds
Caliope’s Fibre Bollywood 2 “Pink/Blue” -- 18.38 yds
Colorimetry Massam White "Blues” -- 6.42 yds
Fondant Fibre Corriedale “Blue” -- 75.00 yds
Juno Fibre Arts Silk “Blue Purple” -- 24.16 yds
HilltopCloud “Light Rainbow” 70% Shetland 30% Tussah silk -- 47.25 yds
Ceaberry Haberdashery “Sea Gems” Mixed -- 41.81 yds
Highland Handmade Pitch Pine Top “Katahdin” -- 215.83 yds
ITW January 2012 Shetland “Snow angel with an Ood” -- 66.46 yds
Old Maiden Aunt Black Shetland and Tussah Silk “Decadence” -- 50.88 yds
SockPixie Merino “Tartan” -- 63.25 yds
Testing the Hypothesis
Crafty-logical Implications
Tour of my Craft Room and Flat
Bedlam Theatre -- Snow, Glass, Apples -- They say that history is written by the victors. But the truth is something darker, messier and far, far more sinister. A wonderfully dark and adult retelling of the fairytale adapted from the short story by Neil Gaiman.
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