16 Jan 2011

Kitty 3: Say Good-Bye to Soda!!

I have now replaced most of the soda I drink with water and tea! I love the Volvic water that is flavored, so the switch is easily made. I am at 114kg, one more to go for me to get my first milestone on WWs. When I do get there, another one of my "weight" kitties will show up!

This kitty put me behind a little in posting and so did an illness that put me out of commission yesterday. But not to worry, my WWs was kept in place and this kitty is so bright and cheery it did really help lift my spirits!

I just love the color changes in the mini-skiens! Such a surprise!
That little bottle is of water, it has a little french knitted piece in it to look
like water! See below for close ups of it!

Other Views:

This little bit of french knitting went into the bottle.

I am getting good at miniatures!

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