16 Jan 2011

Ceramic Wall Tile and a Thank you

Thank you to all the lovely people who have been commenting on my WW Kitties! Your support is treasured! Thank you also to Itsy Bitsy Spider (Karla) who featured my story on her blog. I am very thankful! My WW button on the side bar now is linked to her blog. I use her pattern and when I do my weight kitties *the ones that have and will have numbers on them* I have to expand on the middle.

Also, a big thank you to all those people who read my blog, either by visiting or reading on blog readers! It is fun to see where everyone is from who reads my blog. I never thought it would be this well read (well well for me). I hope to keep bringing you fun fibre projects and fun things in the years to come!

Now, I believe in fate. I own  two ferrets (also pictured on the side of my blog). When I find anything ferret I can not resist. So when I walked into my favorite tea shop yesterday I was just browsing. The lady there makes wall tiles. Guess what she made one of? Oh yes, a ferret! I beamed and said I had to have it! Thank you Skye Tiles for bringing a smile to my face.

See he is smiling as well!

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