18 Jan 2011

Inspiration: Artesano Alpaca and Pattern

So, I think by now most reader's of this blog know how much in love I am with June Gilbank's designs. I do love many Amigurumi websites and patterns and I am constantly finding new and fun ones. However, June has come out with a pattern I can not pass up. Upon the request of my mother I have acquired June's new AmiDog Border Collie pattern (Ravelry Link)! Why? Well, we have a lovely border collie named Betsy. Miss Betsy came to us through a very tight rescue. She was going to be put down that day and we drove from WV to KY to save her mere hours before she was to be put down. I will be adding to June's design a small embroidered collar. I am still figuring that one out...

Such a beauty! Miss Betsy Christmas 2010.

The yarn I am going to use is one of my favorites! The Artesano Alpaca.

And the collar? Scappa to the rescue!
The green on the top right will be the collar! I will use my
crochet thread to embroider her name on it! I need to find a small buckle.
I think I know a store just for that ;) If not I have a back up store.

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