8 Jan 2011

Kitty 2: "Rocker" Shoes and flip flops

If you live in the USA then you have seen the commercials for the new Danskin "rocker" or tone up shoes that don't make you look stupid. Also, Champion from Payless has flipflops out. Although near me I had to buy the "sample" ones. So no 10s in the immediate area of me! They are lime green and black. Since I walk everywhere then these will be great editions to my weight loss. Toning up while walking is awesome! Plus I have to stand a lot for my PhD so having these will help with my bad posture. They feel like they force you to stand up straight!

So to show off my new commitment to exercising while not knowing it I have made my 2nd kitty!!

PS. I have lost a little weight since last week I am now 115kg (about 1 lbs for those in the USA) and I found SLIMFAST in the UK!! I love the shakes! I am so excited to be able to get them for my on the go moments (which lets face it we don't make the best choices when out). One thing I like about WWs you can have that cake or whatever your weakness, you just have to plan it into your points. You are meant to lose 2lbs (or 0.5-1.0kg) per week, this is a lifestyle change.

And here are the shoes before I put them on:
It has PPK on it for my website. Although Photokitty is only
one word most people put it as 2 so I gave in after 11 years!

Isn't it just cute?!

Now the flip flop!


  1. Awesome!!I will be following and cheering ya on! I just found ya,so I have some catching up to do!I am also on ravelry,I am just not into crochet right now..I go in stages.keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! You go girl! I started losing weight in 2009, but I have no luck with these programs. I'm doing my own thing of cutting drastically back on portions and walking everywhere. So far, I've lost 40 lbs (US) as I'm doing it slowly. It seems to be working, as I'm keeping the weight off (so far), though I seem to be stuck at my current weight. I'll be cheering you on, too! Us crocheters must stick together. :)


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