25 Apr 2012

Episode 42: Sewing

Show Notes
Stash Enhancement -- Investment for the Future
Into the Whirled -- April 2012 Fibre Club -- Serenity 4oz 56s Falkland Wool Top -- Firefly inspired -- http://www.shop.intothewhirled.com/products
Trindleman Supported Spindle -- 
Sewing -- String Theory
Most of the t-shirt squares have been sewn together in pairs, need to iron them and then sew them into blocks to lay out. After that get it down to a proper size. Still need to sew the sachets.
Spinning -- Centrifuging
Right now I am spinning Dyeabolical An Homage to Mr. Fuchsia August 2011 Fibre Club -- 50% Merino/25% Tussah Silk/25% Bamboo Viscose -- http://www.dyeabolicalyarns.com
Next is: Dyeabolical Whirligig September 2011 Fibre Club -- 100% Finn Wool
I will be cataloguing my hand-spun very soon. I have been a bit lax lately.
Weaving -- Warp Factor 20
The runners have been finished and sewn together! Next up is knitting goddess. I am still figuring out the hand-spun yarn couch saver.
Works in Progress -- Testing the Hypothesis 
Future Projects -- Incubating
May Socks
Joris -- Annita Wilschut -- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/joris 
Events -- Letting my hair down
I will be attending a spinning class on May 5th at K1Yarns, about spinning british wool. -- http://www.k1yarns.com/article/Knitting_Classes 
I will be attending a cupcake decorating class at the Bead Shop at the end of 26th of May in Haddington.
Review -- Under the Microscope
Wildcard Fiber Arts -- http://wildcardfiberarts.com
Coupon Code for listeners: Either check the podcast or the Ravelry group for the code.
GIVEAWAY: Go to the ravelry group to enter to win stitchmakers and a stitch marker holder!!
Conclusion -- Crafty-logical Implications
Thank you again to the Fiber and Fabric podcast for the shoutout. Special thank you to Veelau and Effyspins for the comments on my ravelry group!

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