3 May 2012

Episode 43: Just Craft-a-long Beading

Show Notes
Stash Enhancement -- Investment for the Future
Knitting Goddess -- When Granny Weatherwax Knits Sock -- Sourcerer’s eye
Knitabulls KGASS Package!

Sewing -- String Theory
The t-shirts have now been sewn into long panels that I am now sewing together, once that is done I will get the batting and backing fabric. Might go to Materialise to do the quilting due to space. Need to cut the edging and will be using the left over fabrice for pillows and a pin cushion. 

Other Crafts -- Side Experiments
Stitch Markers -- Beads, polymer clay, hammering!!

Spinning -- Centrifuging
FINISHED: Dyeabolical An Homage to Mr. Fuchsia August 2011 Fibre Club -- 50% Merino/25% Tussah Silk/25% Bamboo Viscose -- http://www.dyeabolicalyarns.com
Right now I am spinning: Dyeabolical Whirligig September 2011 Fibre Club -- 100% Finn Wool
Next Up: Wool Study from http://HilltopCloud.etsy.com 

Weaving -- Warp Factor 20
Knitting Goddess and Handspun are being loomed up in the next week.
Works in Progress -- Testing the Hypothesis 

Future Projects -- Incubating
May Socks
Joris -- Annita Wilschut -- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/joris 
Events -- Letting my hair down
I attended a Craty get together at the Hula Bar that is every 1st Tuesday and also a beading get together that also happens every 1st Tuesday.
I will be attending a spinning class on May 5th at K1Yarns, about spinning british wool. -- http://www.k1yarns.com/article/Knitting_Classes 
Also on the 6th of May I am going to the Edinburgh Bead Fair -- http://edinburghbeadfair.co.uk 
I will be attending a cupcake decorating class at the Bead Shop at the end of 26th of May in Haddington.

Review -- Under the Microscope
Quilt Your Stash -- Threads Magazine
Conclusion -- Crafty-logical Implications

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