21 Apr 2012

Episode 41: Just Craft A-Long Runner Part 2

Show Notes
Stash Enhancement -- Investment for the Future
Spin Love Club 2 from easyknits.co.uk
Dyeing -- In the Lab
I have plans for dyeing up the bamboo/merino/BFL sock yarn I bought as well as the BIG lot of BFL.
Sewing -- String Theory
I am cutting up t-shirt for a quilt out of my LBFs shirts he donated for the cause. I will also be sewing up sachets.
I need to get interfacing and sandwich material.
Spinning -- Centrifuging
Right now I am spinning Dyeabolical An Homage to Mr. Fuchsia August 2011 Fibre Club -- 50% Merino/25% Tussah Silk/25% Bamboo Viscose
Next is: Dyeabolical Whirligig September 2011 Fibre Club -- 100% Finn Wool
I will be cataloguing my hand-spun very soon. I have been a bit lax lately.
Cross-Stitch -- Crossing off the Data
The EPIC cross-stitch will be picked up again soon.
Weaving -- Warp Factor 20
I am looming up the 2nd part of the runner, after that I will be fulling them both and sewing down the center. I discuss how I did the hem stitching.
I am going to be doing a knitting goddess bag and a hand spun couch saver,
Other Crafts -- Side Experiments
I will be looking into a creative polymer clay technique to show case my sea glass (Seaglass) for sale.
Works in Progress -- Testing the Hypothesis
Olga’s Winter Vest
Catherine’s Wheel
Alpaca Poncho
Make do and Mend Pillow
Winnowing -- Reference found in my book I am reading
Frank’s Black Socks
Finished Objects -- Null Accepted
Nothing, nadda, nope.
Frogged -- Null Rejected
I frogged the Cara sweater and cast on the Olga’s Winter Vest
Future Projects -- Incubating
iPhoodie -- Emily Vanek
May Socks
Joris -- Annita Wilschut
Events -- Letting my hair down
I will be attending a spinning class on May 5th at K1Yarns, about spinning british wool.
I will be attending a cupcake decorating class at the Bead Shop at the end of May.
In the Shop -- Raiding the Supply Cabinet
The shop has been updated and restocked.
PaternalTwins for 10% off.
Book review -- Under the Microscope
Not this time.
Pattern note: A Great British Knit -- Ann Kingstone
Conclusion -- Crafty-logical Implications
My LBF is in Luxembourg but returning very soon.
We are going to see Mirror, Mirror
I have been watching Grimm and Once Upon A Time.
I will be switching to video/audio-video every other week so I can have more to show, but podcast will look like video when downloaded but when labeled: Just crafting along its an audio podcast that has pictures showing what I am doing. If you want to see how this will work check out my first 3 audio ones. I feel that I sometimes need to just do an audio podcast instead of making short non-fun episodes. 

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