19 Aug 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 3

I woke up this morning to a sore shoulder and a very achey wrist. That ganglion hasn't completely gone away and those pushups are what is making my wrist unhappy. I caved again with the ice-cream but oh well, and I had a healthy dinner then a little bit of duck with noodles.

I had to be in my flat for this workout so no cushy rug to workout on. I got through it and my wrist complained through the pushups but I did them, with a cushion under my knees so i could do them properly. The arm raises with the sideways lunge were much easier today. My muscles are remembering what they are suppose to do. My calf was misbehaving again during the first cardio and those jumping rope ones are just evil! I know its just my lazy muscles complaining but geesh. I look forward to when I can do the whole routine without them seizing in the first bit. However, the rest of the workout isn't too bad. The bicycles are still pathetic looking but getting much better.

For lunch will be mozzarella cheese, an apple, a banana, some raspberry organic yoghurt (really it is, its from a whole food store and all...), and some duck with noodles. Tonight is farmer's market honey&mustard sausage with rice stuffed in bell peppers. My oh My, I LOVE stuffed bell peppers!

So tomorrow will be the shred along with a farmer's market trip, craft fair trip, and a bus ride back. So we shall see how all that goes!!


  1. Good Luck!! Keep up the good work!!

  2. I finished day 5 today of the Shred and it felt a bit better. I can SO relate to it getting a bit easier each day:-)


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