17 Aug 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 1

I had watched the DVD last week to see what I would need and what I would be getting myself into for these next 30 days. I knew I needed weights so I figured the small 50ml (500g or 1.1 lb) bottles of water would do great for starting out weights. I had my LBFs rug in the living room to use as a pad and enough space to do all the exercises.

So for Day 1 I took my measurements.
Weight: 120kg (264.6lbs)
Waist: 121cm (48in)
Hips: 134cm (52.75in)
Thigh: 84cm (33in)
Upper arm: 43.5cm (17in)
Neck: 40cm (15.75in)
Calf: 48cm (19in)
Weight to Hip Ratio: 0.90 (which makes me an Apple shape YIKES!)

So... Yeah, those measurements suck! I went off the Depo to lose weight and it seems I just gained more! But I am assured it will come back down again once my body levels itself out.

Holy Moley, how out of shape I have gotten! I used to be able to do ALL of the exercises when I was in High School. Granted I was about 100lbs lighter, yup, I was 168 at my lowest in my Senior year of High School but lets be fair I was normally 180-200 so 70lbs. I was 205lbs when I started the Depo in July 2009 and I just came off it at 264lbs in July 2011. (You see why now, it was starting to wreak havoc).

So the sets feel like they take forever and some are like, oh ok moving on now? I can do crunches and reverse crunches but I CAN'T seem to be coordinated enough to do bicycles. The cardio is pretty easy except those butt kicks and jump ropes, by the time I get to them in the workout my feet are screaming (yeah, probably should wear shoes). The strength is ok but I can't seem to do those sideways lunges, well I can do them its the lifting the weights to my eye level thats hard. I blame that on years of backpack wearing, my muscles in my arms are so tense its like feeling a brick wall. Hopefully this will help.

I took about 30 min to cool off then I took the ever dreaded picture!

I look ever so happy to be taking this pic.

See that tummy and that butt?
Say good-bye to them!

I think this outfit will look much better when I lose inches.
It is the inches I worry about not the weight!

So there we have it! It is best to cool off completely before taking a warm (not hot) shower, if you are doing the exercises in the morning. That cools your muscles from one workout and then warms them gently for the every day stuff you have to do.

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