15 Aug 2011

Blog it.

I have been working hard on moving my crafting supplies to a new location. Unfortunately, this means that I am a bit behind in a few things. I have some things to do for the blog, ravelry, my personal website, and life in general! I will be doing some small changes over this next week, posting some real pictures, and on friday I will have my video cast as usual. I had an unfortunate set back but now I am doing much better and will commence my normal blogging schedule! I have so much to catch you up on and loads to redo BUT I shall press on!! I will be setting a list of my things I am doing over there ----->
in the next few days so you can see my progress and new things that I will be bringing here and everywhere else! Tomorrow I finish the move with my dying stuff and spinning supplies (Including Julie and Aaron). Hope everything is well with you!

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