28 Feb 2011


I am a proud participant in I Love Sushi Spin-a-long! I received my fibre in only 8 days from California! Why it takes 14-20 for others I have no idea. I am extremely excited to use these batts to make some really inspired yarn and knitted up crafts. This goes to the end of march so get yours today!

Living so far away I decided to get ALL the different types of sushi batts.
You can add "extras" to it to make the batt go further, but I wanted to play with these as they are featured.

The Tuna rolls will be my last thing to spin up. But come-on
When can you spin wool, bamboo, banana, kid mohair, and silk all at once?
I think the Veggie roll will be my first (bottom) which is made of
the same as the tuna. Then it will be the California roll which has Suri Alpaca in it!!

It also came with a card, button, and chopsticks (not pictured)!
How did she know I just LOVE love LOVE sprinkles??
AND I have an idea for the pink flower button.

Rarely, do I get to participate in these things but the batts were super affordable and this was one I just could not pass up!

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