30 Aug 2010

Blog it.

There is nothing like a bagpipe alarm clock when you are taking a mid-afternoon nap. I got up and made myself a bit of dinner and a nice cup of tea which is bringing my headache down from the untimely awakening. Tonight I will take stock. I might even add my stock list to the side bar a bit later. I will be working on the Around the Internet episode and figuring out what I want to do next... That is much easier said then done. I am torn between spinning, crocheting, and organizing. I am a hyperactive organizer of all things crafts and books but an under-active cleaner of everything else. At my home in the USA sits tubs of crafts and two brilliant tackle boxes. I am feeling the tug of them, when I want a paintbrush for dyeing or my pen and ink set for some sketching. Sigh. I will have to sneak the contents over sometime... maybe make my parents accomplices but they are busy enough bringing me boxed meals and kool-aid packets. As well as my exciting new caliper. Yup, I am still a geek at heart. I choose a profession that allows me my creativity and imagination to coincide with my love of science and observation.

I am almost officially a Masters of Human Osteoarchaeology! I have been accepted officially as a PhD student in Archaeology. Three more years here in Scotland... Three more years of bag pipes... maybe I find those times to be out of Edinburgh. When it is quiet like now, with the sun gently setting, I really love this country. To be honest, I even liked the festival. I just didn't like it because I was I writing my paper. My flatmates leave this week and I get one week of no one then my new set will come in. These will be my third set since I have been here.

So I leave you with this hilarious picture of Phil:
It says Mr. Edinburgh University... and no I didn't do this to him.

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