31 Aug 2010

Coming up in the week!

This next week will be a mash-up of multiple different small projects as well as what I did not do last week... I am going to try and contain myself as I slowly work up the courage to do everything on my list! NEW to my blog is the layout and the "In the Queue" sections located to the right. I will be adding active in the queue projects there.

Around the Internet: Has been suspended for this week. I just don't have enough to make a full fledged episode since I am no longer using images. Sorry about that, but some blogs are a bit touchy on the subject, even though all I am doing is pointing out their blog in the first place.

Catch-up: I will be playing catch-up all this week since I have been overwhelmed with schooling things as of late. I love when you get less than 24 hours to be at a meeting that is mandatory... I have many goodies coming up in the week!

Catch-up List:
  1. WIP: Crochetted Bag
  2. New tools
  3. Fuzzy Amigurumi
  4. New Books (I got them 2 weeks ago but I haven't posted them :X)
  5. More spinning
  6. More dyeing
  7. Maybe some food stuffs... I am working on my own recipe book.
  8. WIP: Skeleton
  9. Introducing Lyell McSheep
  10. Limoncello
So here is the NEW list:
  1. Scrap Woven Block Afghan
  2. New products coming in: Scrap of Fabric and Wool
  3. Scrap Ugly's Hair
  4. New skein
  5. New dyeing experiment
  6. WIP: Needle holder
  7. WIP: Orange and Green skein projects
  8. Ravelry Updates

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