25 Aug 2010

Around the Internet: Episode 3 - Part 2

This is the 3rd installment of Around the Internet. This one is going to be in 3 parts definitely.  This is only because there has been a lot of crafty artists going on and LOADS of internet sites I have come across. Remember all images I put up here are from these people's websites and are copyright to them.

What caught my eye? Her lovely designs both on her blog and Ravelry site. Again, found this one through a knitting magazine!

Second Up: Berrysprite
What caught my eye? Her pattern for the Ume pin tutorial!

Third up: Thread Bear's Picnic
What caught my eye? The naturally dyeing tutorial!

Fourth Up: Blue Buddha BoutiqueWhat caught my eye? The chainmaille! I am also a chainmaille artist but since it is really heavy I could not have it shipped over here to the UK. *sad*
Fifth Up: Craftzine.com
What caught my eye? Glowing mushroom lamp! So beautiful.

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