5 Apr 2013

Well... I did promise spinning

I know in my podcast I promised some spinning. Trust me, I have it... 886ish yards of it!! But while I have some more to show you next week on top of what I am about to show I just want you to know that I can single spin around 4oz in 45 min in a dk-aran weight when 3plied and sport when 2plied. Some of these have been singles for a long time and some have been skeins waiting to be washed for a really long time. I will start with what is waiting to be completed:

1. ITW Children of Time -- plied but not washed
2. Dyeabolical Whirligig -- plied but not washed
3. My batts -- Single Yarn
4. Highland Handmades Throne Room -- Deciding whether to ply it or keep it single
5. Hilltop Cloud Rusty Nail -- Single Yarn

Ok now to the fun stuff:

My own pattern: Trekkie Style made from Fibernymph Dyeworks Star Trekkie Colorway. Test knitting for this pattern will be in the works soon.

The fair at Ocean Terminal:

If you want specifics on all the yarns please go to ravelry:
ITW Oct 2012: Bodhi = 63.4 yards 


ITW Closing = 65.0 yards

ITW Aug 2012 Pamukkale = 35.8 yards

OMG right?! Seriously, I LOVE spinning. I will put all the details in my next week show notes so if you don't go on Ravelry don't worry it will be on there and here by the end of the week. And last week's show notes did not show up so I am trying to get them in the blog post as well!! 


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