23 Aug 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 6

So after my rest day I got back to it!! I replaced the jump rope thing with bum kicks. This seemed to work a lot better for me!

So... I found out today my scale is a LIAR!!! LOL. Either my stupidity or my idiocy of my scale is to blame for this... let's blame the scale shall we? After taking it off the carpet and onto a wood floor I am now a new weight!

117.5 kg or 259 pounds so thats 6lbs down!!!

I did replace my jump rope with bum kicks. Being off a day didn't seem to affect the workout at all. My body is used to it now and I hope I lose more weight so Level 2 in 6 days will be good for me to move onto!!

Having beef, with cheesy potatoes and a good number of veggies!!

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