20 Aug 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 4

Today I went to the Farmer's Market with my LBF and then we went to Kilamonjaro for a great Scottish breakfast. We came back to the flat and worked for a bit then were off again to two Craft Fairs on Prince's Street. After all that we both did the workout. My poor LBF didn't really do any of the exercises in his PE class so a lot of them were new to him entirely!

Today the jumping jacks were ok but those darned jumped ropes are just a killer in the 1st workout and the last circuit! Everything else seemed to breeze by and I had to stop and help my LBF to get into positions he was not accustomed to at all! It wasn't as bad today but I did get on the scales in preparation for tomorrow... I still weigh more then my scales can show :( so my weight is 120kgish as of today. Normally I weigh myself in the morning before breakfast so weighing myself after a big meal probably wasn't good. I feel the muscles getting stronger and push ups aren't as bad anymore. I am going to push on through it. I hope by Day 10 I will be following Natalie not Anita... And speaking of Anita I do not think you should have an anorexic looking person be the "easier" version. Or at least have her wear a tank top like Natalie!

Anyways, tonight is organic chicken, rice-a-roni (don't get excited American living in the UK, I brought this with me on the plane), and farmer's market broad beans. Tomorrow is breakfast, no lunch, Neil Gaimen and Tapas for dinner.

Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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