29 Aug 2011

30 Day Shred: Day 11

OMG. Yeah ok so I need to learn how to do a plank position. That would make this workout of Level 2 a bit better. Besides that it wasn't really that bad. Instead of the double time (excuse the use of a Tae-BO term) jump ropes I did double time punches. I tried to do all the plank thingies but I modified some to be able to do something. I looked up on Spark People how to practice the position so I will give it a try later tonight.

I should probably not drink coffee before the workout but eh... gets the heart racing. Just kidding, don't do it. I am going to keep on trucking through it, and honestly, the weighted version of a backward crunch, you can do it. Without the weights I would have felt like I was doing level one but I can do that kind of weight lifting all day so it might just be me.

Tonight is Coq au Vin a la tallegatte noodles. I hope anyone on level 1 doesn't get scared for level 2, just practice plank position!!

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