6 May 2011

Cross stitch fun!

So my blog has been fiber-less for a few days... Not anymore!! Here are my things to do with needlepoint and cross stitch!

Some new designs I am doing in my "spare" time.
Yeah I know I have a coo theme going on!

Some thread heaven!

My sample from John James Needles. I was going to have a Mary Arden Petites
but "cough" out of stock so they sent me more JJ petites. LOL.

So in order: Gold plated, Mary Arden Easy Threading, Threaders, JJ petites, and the Quick stitch twin pointed needles.

What about that random grey scale needle point, PPk? LOL. Here it is! I haven't updated the counter...yet.

Sometimes you get tired of stitching every other stitch a different color so I moved on to BIG blocks of color!

Hope you have enjoyed this first of many updates today!


  1. You're very talented, cross stitch, crochet, punch needle.....well done. Love the scurf :-)

  2. Thank you for the comments! Glad you enjoy my posts!


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