24 Mar 2011

WIP: Needlepoint Greyscale

So what have I been doing? 1. Reading for my PhD (really I am) and 2. Needlepoint... lots and lots of it.

I may not be quick but I am up to 1200 stitches! If I have an uninterrupted day I can get 4 rows of 80 done a day, but sadly life does not allow for such luxuries! Anyone guess what it is yet?

No it isn't a cloud... Hint: its a famous pencil drawing.

Top brown dotted line is the 10 stitches grid,
side dotted brown line is the length of one page and end place for the image,
and the brown line below my stitches is
 the marker for the end of the next 10x10 block.

This thing has only 13 colors and this part alone uses 10 of them (one taggy thing is not visible). I got line by line and do one color then another. Normally I start with the most prevalent color but its just which ones come first in the line. So i work right to left then left to right ect. All but the first 10x10 block is done in half stitch (I just couldn't bring myself to tear out the full cross stitches). Thankfully this is the "background" to a main image that does not have that many colors.

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