3 Jan 2011

Please Excuse the Changing Layout

I am currently trying to make my site look a bit cooler or better organised. I have added a few pages and changed a few. My Ravelry flash is now on the side bar and only my spun skeins are where my projects page was located. I added the kitty CAL and it has a video that will change as I add kitties. It isn't long enough yet for the music I have planned for it. I also have a free stuff page now.

I have a HUGE cloud of labels but I will be working on paring those down later this week. Thank you for your patience.

You know those commercials about saving animals?
They play sad music and make all of us cry... or they should.
Whelp, we have started feeding a kitty from outside. Isn't it beautiful!
We help animals in need and most of ours are rescues.

Save a life, do what you can.
All this one needed was some food, water and love.

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