30 Dec 2010

WIP: Acrylic Scarf

You remember that acrylic yarn I was using to make a scarf? No? Let me remind you.

Priscilla has the exact face I made. She is laying on it as I am knitting.
 Remember now? Ok, so 350ish stitches was WAY too many. The scarf was 10ft long! So I sewed it together. So what to do with the end where it folds? Well any inexperienced person would cry a little and just sew it up. What do I do? I cut it. Yup right down the middle. It started to unravel from there. Quick thinker that I am I put my tunisian crochet hook into a row and prayed the row I created would stop the unraveling. You know what? IT DID!! So I unraveled to the row then tied the string ends together to make sure they created a nice fringe. I will just do a mock version of this on the other side. The scarf is stitched down the middle with a mattress stitch. Since I did not do 5 rows of knit before I casted off this worked out well when I seamed it together!

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