22 Oct 2010

The weekender...

So my coming this week was way off the mark... how was I to know I would wake up monday morning with the beginnings of a chest infection? So... now all I can do is have a really crafty weekend!

I will be at K1yarns in Edinburgh on Saturday, 23 October, 2010. What will I be doing? Knitting, crocheting, a bit of cording, and drinking tea. I have a few things to really get done!

On the list:

  1. Belle Epoque Scarf
  2. Wrist warmers for mom
  3. Mom's secret present
  4. Jennifer's scarf
  5. Devin's Alpaca
  6. Blue and Gold scarf
  7. Jennifer's secret presents
  8. Socks
That is a tall order, along with a few other things I won't be revealing just yet!
I will take inspiration from Mochimochi Land. She is a machine! A very creatively, impressingly, cute making machine! Ah... idols.

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