29 Aug 2010

Knitting Freeform

I went to a freeform knitting class at my local yarn shop (K1 yarns). Gillian McClintock was the teacher. What made this so special? Well to start off with, as you may have noticed, I do not particularly like knitting. I find it boring doing 102 of the same stitch and repeat 100 times. Sorry to all those knitters out there, I just do not see how you can do it. That being said, Gillian has a technique which has turned my feelings about knitting around. Following a basic hat pattern, instead of making one color or stripes you do blocks of color in random order and random coloring. (I will have a post about my hat later on today). This breaks up the monotony of 90 stitches done in knit or purl.

So that is pretty cool, now onto the second thing that is good. For the first time I was in a group of knitters. I have always shied away from such groups because I um... can't knit too well. But this group was fantastic and I felt an instant connection even though we all came from different backgrounds and careers. Even better they were a group of women, I have problems with large group of women... That is a story for another day.

So could it get any better?? Why yes it could. The yarn we were given to use (2.5 skeins in 7 50g balls) was hand-spun and hand dyed by Gillian!!! You know my excitement on hand spinning and hand dyeing. She uses many different wheels and guess what? She teaches spinning!! I almost died with excitement! So in late September to early October I may take a class with her (as a birthday present).
I got all of this for £32 and 1.5 hours with Gillian. All things considered it was a deal!!

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