25 Aug 2010

Coming up in the week!

So after that jammed pack Around the Internet, what do I have planned for the coming week. I am still on vacation from my schooling until the 13th of September. (I kind of miss being in school). I am loading up my week with fun filled goodies! I hope to tackle some projects that are still in the WIP phase and not begun categories.
  1. WIP: Plarn small shopping bag
  2. WIP: Crochetted Bag
  3. WIP: Knitted hat
  4. New tools...
  5. Fuzzy Amigurumi
  6. New Books (I got them last week but I haven't posted them :X)
  7. More spinning
  8. More dyeing
  9. "In the queue"
  10. Blog it.
  11. Maybe some food stuffs... I am working on my own recipe book.
  12. WIP: Skeleton
  13. Introducing Lyell McSheep
  14. Limoncello
  15. This weekend's event at K1yarns!!
  16. To be added onto...
Yea, I do PLAN to do those things listed above. I am awake from 11am to 3am every day, making my days 16ish hours long. Since I don't go out due to the festival making it hard to maneuver I spend roughly 105ish hours in my flat every week (yes I know 16*7 is 112 I took off for when I do go out shopping and to the farmer's market). Hmm... leaves alot of time to do either nothing, watch TV, or do crafts... I choose TV and crafts at the same time.

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