16 Aug 2010

Around the Internet: Episode 2

I have soo much to blog about around the internet this Episode! My week goes from Wednesday to Wednesday since I love Wednesday. This one is a bit late :X. Remember all images I put up here are from these people's websites and are copyright to them.

First Up: K and J Dolls Etsy Shop
What caught my eye? Their lovely made dolls and patterns are beyond beautiful and I hope one day to be that good!
This wonderful doll has a pattern for sale at the shop!

What caught my eye? Spirograph necklace. There is a pattern on how to make this wonderful necklace!
Can't you see this around your neck?
What caught my eye? Her cog bead. You will have to go to her site to see it since this is for a contest and I don't want anyone to take her ideas without seeing her site (even afterwards).

Fourth up: Berrysprite
What caught my eye? The whole site! But lately it is the tutorial for finishing up pieces.
Just to see the first step.

Well that is all for now! Next week I will be putting up some more fun things!

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