14 May 2012

What's a poly-craftual to do? (And Dieting)

I am a person who delves into many crafts and finding time for them all is very daunting. However, a plan shall be formed and known here so I can reference it when I find myself uninspired to do anything.

My plan includes the crafts of Knit/Crochet (KC), Weaving (W), Spinning (S), Beading/Polymer Clay (BPC), Sewing/Quilting (SQ), Cross-Stitch (X), and Dyeing (D). Also my PhD will be factored in here and my Diet Plan (DP).

Monday -- X, PHD, BPC, & SQ
Tuesday -- KC& W
Wednesday -- S, D, PHD, & SQ *PODCAST*
Thursday -- X & S
Friday -- W, PHD, D, & DP
Saturday -- BPC, KC, D, & SQ
Sunday -- S & PHD

It is a rough plan and not everything will be worked on, but if it is not on that day it isn't going to get worked on. Why? Because I am going on a one-on-one type of process with my crafts. My podcast is polycraftual and so will my life. Shop updates will become more frequent and with a great variety of things presented. I will note when things switch into BigCartel officially or folksy.

I have started a new diet plan. I am not here to tell people which diets to use and which not to do. I have tried everything from Weight Watchers, to SlimFast, to SlimQuik, to just dieting. Nothing seems to help for very long or at all. I have now switched to "natural" or holistic measures coupled with a stricter meal plan that is still flexible. Again, I do not know if these will help or not but I am ready to give it a whirl. I am on day 3 of a natural detox (it isn't a food replacement it is just something to go along with your meals) and a 30 day natural treatment. If this doesn't work I will fork out the money to see a nutritionist but for now I am amping up the exercise by forcing myself to buy the day's meals. That means a lovely jaunt (uphill) to TESCO or Earthy or both. When I say lovely jaunt I am mean nice quick 15 min workout going up an extremely steep graded road.I am hoping to go farther and farther each week to build up my stamina (which for a mid-20 yr old is APPALLING) and get the strength back into my body.

I am also on the TESCO Diets Light meal plan. Me and the LBF looked over this weeks meals and I have to say I am really excited to try the dinners and lunches. I will also be weighing myself and the inches measurements every week on the Wii Fit.

So why now? Well, as I have alluded to in some of my podcasts I have been having a rough go at health recently, and a scary prospect was put before me that might have led to infertility. Still even at my weight and lack of strength I am at risk for a numerous amounts of issues which I would rather not have to worry about every day. I have this time between PhD and my Working Life to get it sorted. So sorted I shall make it. To be a bit graphic I was on the Depo shot and it caused some worry for 6 months after stopping the treatment and even forcing periods (which didn't work and made my trip to Luxembourg very painful). So I am deciding to take back my body. I am no skinny minny naturally. I am a cross between a hardy Tall Austrian and a Curvy short Mexican. I have thrown in there some french and possibly many other nationalities. With a family history of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer along with kidney stones, ganglion cysts, appendicitis, and gall bladder issues I am pressing my luck at being overweight. I thankfully have only allergies and a slightly off put femur to hip problem with some cysts occurring 3-4 times a year. So health wise I need to catch myself before I slip further down the rabbit hole.

I wasn't always chubby, when I was little I was skinny as a skinny texan girl with golden blonde hair could get. Now my mexican hair has grown in (dirty blonde/brown), I still tan easily, and my hips are very wide indeed. My weight seems to like being at 2 major points 180 and 200 lbs. I am SUPPOSE to be at 165 lbs but with a wrist size of over 8in that ain't ever going to happen. I will settle for 200-205 and would love to be 180lbs. What weight am I now? 124kgs, or 274lbs. Really?! That is crazy I was 220lbs when I arrived here 3 yrs ago, 200lbs before my first marriage and 180 lbs when I entered into college in 2005. I have almost gain 1/3 of myself in 7 yrs.

Anyways, you will see my hopeful progress. My poor LBF is in this with me, but he only needs to lose about 20-30lbs (at most) to be well within his BMI range. So wish us luck and I hope everything looks up.

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