25 May 2012

Episode 46: New Do

Show Notes
Investment for the Future
ITW May Fibre Club 2012 --  Inara
Mochi Mochi Kits -- http://mochimochiland.com
Spinning -- Centrifuging
Finished: ITW -- Bigger on the Inside -- Superwash Merino, ITW -- Walla Walla -- Corridale, AND ITW -- Reynardine -- Merino
Next up: ITW -- Serinity -- Falkland, ITW -- Children of Time -- 85/15 Polworth/Silk, AND ITW -- Ravenswood -- 80/20 Merino/Silk
Crossing off Data:
Finished: Penguin
Up Next: Geisha
String Theory
Sewing jelly roll strips together to make a simple stripes quilt from http://www.Cratsy.com
Testing the Hypothesis -- same not shown
I have been lacking on my WIPs but will be making it up soon!
Joris -- Annita Wilschut -- http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/joris 
Letting my hair down
I will be going to Mandors and the Yarn Cake Thursday 24th of May
Crystal Clay on 21 June
Silver etching 24 June
I will be attending a cupcake decorating class on 26th of May in Haddington.
Crafty-logical Implications

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