12 Aug 2011

Review: Yiotas-Xstitch

I was emailed asking if I would review one of Yiotas-Xstitch cross stitch kits. I agreed and promptly received a kit in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised from the get go. I looked in the package to find bobbin wound DMC thread shining back at me and a crisp photo of the pattern I was to review. She wanted a review more of the packaging, the supplies inside and the overall feel of the kit itself.

Let's go through it step by step:
1. Initial packaging:

I received the envelope in my mailbox I think one day after she shipped it to me. Now, I don't know how close she is to me but it was impressive. There was a cardboard back and a paper front which clearly stated DO NOT BEND. The corner was ripped open and the pattern inside slightly crunched. I have contacted her about this and she is highly upset. She is sending the pattern to me again to see if it is improper handling or a flaw in their packaging design. To be honest I think it is the mail's fault not the packaging.

Inside the envelope was a plastic vellum sleeve which contained the entire kit. Perfectly packaged. Looked professional and really made me happy. I am NOT a fan of these plastic adhesive sleeves but I completely understand why it is absolutely necessary.

So as you can see all the threads were included and it looks like a kit you would get in the store. And because I don't do my homework before making the video below -- this kit is £15.40. Well, worth it! The amount of DMC thread given plus the 16inx17in Aida cloth along with the bigger chart, this kit is well worth that amount. I have strolled through John Lewis and cringed with the kits prices here in the UK. So the Aida cloth is well over the 3in allowance for the the project size and you get a needle along with it.

 So the kit does indeed come with all colours and all the recommended amounts of said colours. It has a 6 page chart, 1 page symbol page along with a few quick tips, and a lovely instruction page. And yes the colours are true to the DMC colours (since I quaintly own almost everyone of them to check). All the bobbins and threads are clean and very shiny. One of my niggles is that there are no lines for the symbols chart and it is hard for me to go over on the lines easily. However, that is just personal taste.

I have started it and will be doing a further review as I go along. For now this is it and I have a video of my review below. Please check out Yiotas-Xstitch.

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