31 May 2011

Coming soon and two WIPs

Since I am about to go off for 2 weeks to study skeletons for my PhD I have been busy getting all the arrangements made to switch from my Mac to my Acer. My calliper only works on a Windows based system so that's why I own two computers. But I have been doing things!

I decided to take on two new shawls. However, I have run out of yarn for both of them when they are only part of the way through! Being that I have no local yarn shop and my stash is 4000 miles away I have to put them aside to hibernate! I am a one-skein kind of gal, well actually I can normally only afford one skein of anything, so shawls will be collaborations of multiple skeins. Since I know what is lurking under my bed  in a duffle bag (yep it all fits in one spot) and I know what fibre I have left to spin up I am not too worried about never finishing these two shawls, they will just have to wait a bit to be completed. My LB *lovely boyfriend* told me he would bring me anything I needed when he comes to visit later on this month, but knowing I would just have to transport it back overseas I had to decline.

Shawl 1: Summer Flies by Donna Griffin
Named: Blue Butterfly Shawl
Date Started: May 27, 2011 (put into Hibernation May 27, 2011)
Yarn Used: Manos Del Uruguay Serena -- 7173 Seahorse and 7378 Tezpi
Needle Size: US 6 -- 4.0mm
Condition: Hibernating at Section 5 since I ran out of yarn
Will be in hibernation until I get back in mid-July
 Frogged: Rainbow TC
Reason: To make Shawl 2

Shawl 2: Fisherman's Net Wrap by Sammie Jo Thomas
Named: Rainbow Net
Date Started: May 30, 2011 (put into Hibernation May 31, 2011)
Yarn Used: Rogue Adventures BFL September Fibre Club (hand-spun -- see picture below)
Needle Size: US 10 -- 6.0mm
Condition: Hibernating since I ran out of yarn

Rogue Adventures BFL September Fibre Club Hand-Spun
4oz about 113g/200yds

Need to spin up more yarn for this one... On the lookout for rainbow roving.

Coming soon:
  1. Pictures of yarn my mom bought me!
  2. Projects I will be doing with said yarn
  3. Cross-stitch updates!

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