8 Dec 2010

Injuries: Can't slow me down!

So I FINALLY am on my last revision of my mother's scarf (see pattern details below) and I started a thread amigurumi. Well... I will not name names, but we were trying to put a cat in solitary for peeing on some furniture and it was my job to grab her. Well... This cat HATES pills and knows when she will get one so she bites. HARD. She got me on my right hand which with my throwing style of knitting really hurts. AND the thread uses a 1.25mm hook so grasping it was made impossible as my had swelled.

BUT, the scarf is still going and I use both English (throwing) and Continental knitting style.
Basic Pattern:
Knit 5 rows
K5, *yo, K2tog*x6, K5 repeat row until fed up with "like lace" then
K5, P12, K5 (I find that purling first is a better method then knitting this row)
Knit one row, then *K5, P12, K5* one row (aka stockinette stitch window) until a nice "band" forms (about 6-8 rows ending with a Knit row)
Then do the "like lace" until fed up again and make a stockinette stitch band ect until finished.

I used 22 stitches, you can use ANY number of even stitches and ANY number of buffer stitches so long as their combination is an EVEN number, I used 5 (or 10 in total) because I wanted the "like lace" stitch to look like a peek-a-boo window.
Pictures will be coming soon...

LOOK AWAY if you are of the squeamish type or scroll down if you want to see three cat bites:

No I am not bleeding that is some redness due to the scraping of the tooth.
No, my hand is normally not this puffy... or so I think it normally isn't...
Bite 1: Deep puncture with barely visible second one
Bite 2: The two bite in the web of my hand.
These are the ones affecting my gripping power.

Bite 3: The two punctures on the other side that lay exactly in line
where my knitting needle lays for my Continental Style.
In case you're wondering that is a Wii board as background.

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