26 Dec 2010

Done: Mom's Presents

I have one more not shown here but I will get a photo of it later. It is a small cord for her angel pendant that I made using my french knitting doll (spool knitter).

Here are the ones I have pictures of:
Using the Manos Del Uruguay Maxima, colorway 6411 Valentine

This Bobble Hat, adapted from a pattern.
I figured out how to do a seamless decrease and tailored it to fit her head.

I call this the Bobble-Mesh Scarf

Want the Pattern? Why not, it is Christmas.
This was done with Manos Maxima using a 6.0mm hook
I have UK terms as (UK: )
Puff Stitch: Yarn over (YO), put hook through stitch indicated, YO, pull loop through (3 loops on hook) *YO, put hook through same stitch, YO, pull loop through* x2 (7 stitches now on hook, for a bigger puff do it one more time for a total of 9 stitches on hook), YO, pull loop through all but the last loop (2 loops now on hook), YO, pull through the 2 loops. 
Sounds complicated but it is easy when you do it.

  1. Chain even number of stitches until desired LENGTH. Mine was probably 150 stitches for a nice wrap around scarf. (Foundation row)
  2. Ch-3, puff stitch in last chain from foundation row (4th ch from hook at this moment), ch-1 *skip 1 ch, puff stitch in next ch, ch 1* repeat until end. TURN.
  3. Ch-3, dc (UK: tr) into ch-space (chsp), ch-1 *dc (UK: tr) in next chsp, ch-1* repeat until end, then dc (UK: tr) into the chsp at the end (the space created by the ch-3 instead of the top stitch of the ch-3). TURN.
  4. Repeat Step 3 until desired width.
  5. Repeat Step 2. Finish off and weave in ends. Fringe is optional but looks nice.

Next is the gift made with Manos Del Uruguay Lace, colorway 8597 Ariel:


In this one picture is knitting, lace work knitting,
tunisian crochet (the top and bottom of the picture in the scarf),
filet crochet (the heart), and crochet half-basket weave
(the bottom near the fringe) and fringe. Phew... a lot of techniques.

This is a one off. You can see the other filet crochet
that spells "MOM" and that end attached using a mattress
stitch to the knitted scarf.

Do you want the pattern for this? No... I don't blame you. How about the filet crochet? How hard could it be? I will work on that for a later post!

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