28 Oct 2010

Ball winding wonder!!

So I went out to get Tinker toys... Everyone in the USA is nodding and everyone in the UK are going "what are tinker toys?" Why did I want Tinker toys? To make my own swift! Sigh... no tinker toys. So thankfully I had been roaming around the internet and saw an idea to make one form a desk chair and markers. So I bought markers at a whopping £3.45, yea I remember when they were 50 cents. (Sorry for the change in money but I was raised in the USA). So... want to see what it looks like? Ok here it goes!

Doesn't that just make you smile? Plus my messy desk.

So... Here are the skeins to their balls:


PHEW! That is a lot of winding! To save my fingers with the smaller yarns I used the yarn over a pin in the clip so it couldn't slide off.

P.S. Tinker Toys --> Wooden toys of wheels and sticks for children, sort of like K'nex but wooden. AND the other picture I have of my swift shows on my computer Bargain Hunt which was what I was listening to while I was winding these lovelies (and also Flog it!).

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