3 Sep 2010

Blog it.

In real life, I have deadlines to meet and things to do. But right now I am staring down a heap of discarded kitchen stuffs from my flatmates and wondering how I am going to organize this mess into something useable. Then I look over and staring me in the face is my unfinished project box and spinning box. A project I am working on is a HUGE holder for all of my crafts that hangs on the wall. "Working on" will be its status for quite some time I think. For now I will just be trying to keep my head above the water. My PhD starts on 13th of September. It really is without ceremony that you start and end your days here in Edinburgh, you are only left with the self satisfaction that you made it. My PhD will have me traveling around Britain and the USA for the next 2 years. In that time I hope to start to enjoy life for its real value and learn what needs to be done to have a job.

So on that note. My mother sent me a picture through email of this darling kitty:

Hope it makes you smile.

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