4 Aug 2010

Around the Internet: Episode 1

So I have been surfing the internet and trying to get inspiration for new hobby crafts. I have looking into lacemaking, spinning wool (which I have done before), and small knitting... Here is what I found that was really interesting.

First up: Mochimochi Land
What caught my eye? The tiniest knitted elephant.
Soo cute it makes me want to try!
This lovely person blogs about her creations and they are mostly knitted! She has a book out and I recommend it highly!

Second up: Julie and Co.
What caught my eye? Modern Japanese Temari: Hand-Embroidered Thread Balls
Aren't these beyond beautiful! They are sold at her Etsy shop. They range from decorative to practical, i.e. a pincushion.

So for now that is the first installment of Around the Internet! If you know of any cute sites just comment and I will be sure to check them out!

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