7 Dec 2011

What has been looming?

Today I got my Ashford knitters loom that is 20". I was waiting all day for it to arrive and it just do happened that my day was not quite as planned. My meeting to release me from my lease was followed by Luke warm feelings and a sigh of perseverance. My LBF stayed at the flat today to await my loom for me. I got my curry chicken for lunch and saw the two pieces of vegan chocolate cake ( I am not began but this cake is amazing) so I got th IDE. Upon returning home and setting up to eat I bit into what I thought was a sugar snap pea... The immense pain of oil rushed into my mouth and my LBF almost died laughing as he rushed to go get me some milk.

Let's just say I hoped my loom go t there soon. I finished my HOT curry and started on the cake. There went the buzzer and my LBF rushed to buzz him in and I raced to the door. There it was the brown paper parcel I had waited for all day long. I ripped through the brown paper and tape and took my looming out to the living room to warm up. I finished eating (yes that cake is that awesome) and started to read the "destructions" for it. When I had finished that I got an email saying they may have found a tenant for me for January! What luck!

I got the first part and set it up to be warped. I messed up the warp 3 times! My problem was the 2nd picture made no sense with the direction given. So I read it carefully and figured it out like a crow trying to get at food. All warp and ready to go... We went to Earthy and got groceries, they had my elderflower cordial there go luckily. I came home and began weaving. I noticed I had threaded one string wrong and had a gap but off I went!

Proud is an emotion I do not feel very often. How my weaving is turning out I can honestly say I am proud of it. I am excited to see its final state as a clutch bag!

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