10 Nov 2011

Some housekeeping coming up

I have been up to my eyeballs in things that need to be done, knit, crocheted, spun and stuff to make sure my blog and ravelry pages run smoothly. I am epically failing at all of the above. Not anymore! I am now free to do some housekeeping so here is my list:

  1. Show notes for the episodes and for the ravelry group
  2. Knitting for stash down and spinning for stash down
  3. SAL/KAL for The Knit Girllls
  4. KAL for Knitting blooms
  5. Using up mini skeins
  6. Log-cabin blanket
  7. Simplicity socks
  8. TARDIS kindle case
  9. Scarf for LBF
  10. Mittens for LBFs mom
  11. X-stitch -- both small, medium, and large
  12. Updating my website
  13. Updating the Shop's blog
  14. Working on more stitch markers
  15. Tatting for Charity
  16. Writing up some patterns
  17. A few shawls I am working on...
Yeah, I am going to stop now, there is more on this list. I have things to do for my PhD and some issues with housing but for now here are some pictures:

Firestar yarn: 100.3 yards 4 color gradient

Manos Diamond Hat

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